Past Events

  • June 23

    2017 International C. elegans meeting

    Thomas is talking at the "CRISPR: New Techniques and Best Practices" workshop. Philippe will present his poster 983A on Thrusday 22nd ; Sonia will present her poster 624B on Friday 23rd.

  • May 15

    Marie joins the lab

    Marie will work with Nora on our new super secret project.

  • Mar 2

    CRISPR and wrmScarlet

    Our first story is published in G3! Great collective achievement.

  • Jan 12

    Caroline joins the lab


  • Oct 1

    Nora and Ismail join the lab

    Nora will work a novel visual screen for regulators of K2Ps. Ismail will join our Xenopus projects.

  • Sep 1

    Olga joins the lab

    Olga has been hired as a Maitre de Conférence. She will kickstart our Xenopus oocyte electrophysiology projects.

  • Aug 24

    Marine joins the lab

    Marine has worked previously in Francesca Paladino's lab at ENS Lyon.

  • Aug 15

    Mélissa starts a new career

    After almost two years in the lab, Mélissa is off to new adventures at Sita.

  • June 30

    Nora returns to Spain

    After a successful ERASMUS M1 internship, Nora returns to Madrid.

  • Ante

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  • Oct 23

    First GENiE Meeting

    Kickoff meeting for the new network of "young", european, C. elegans PIs.

  • Mar


    Philippe joins the lab!

  • Feb


    Sonia joins the lab!

  • Feb 28

    CNRS Bronze Medal

    Thomas has been awarded the CNRS Bronze Medal.

  • Dec 1


    Claire and Mélissa join the lab!

  • Jul 12

    Join the lab!

    We are looking to hire highly motivated scientists (Masters and PhD Students and Post-docs). Please read this page before applying : click here.

  • Jul 11

    Kelegans is a go!

    Our « Kelegans » project has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant.

  • June 21

    ANR Jeune Chercheur Jeune Chercheuse 2013

    Our project has been awarded an ANR JCJC 2013 grants.

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